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Stefano Panizzo also known as Steven Tibet, born in San Donà di Piave in the province of Venice 05/02/1969 is an Italian producer, composer and songwriter.

“Being creative is a gift,

but for creativity to become your profession you need three essentials:

time, focus and the right state of mind.

…These conditions can be quite unobtainable in the modern hectic life;

Don’t ask me what I do on a typical day,

even the times when I look disconnected or spaced out,

I’m still actually working!”

Stefano Panizzo 11 January 2008

Thanks to his parents he approached the study of music from a very young age.

He received his diploma in classical Trumpet at the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory in Venice.


A self-taught bass player and "multi-instrumentalist", writing on piano and guitar, he soon became passionate about recording, arranging, programming and sound engineering.

Having to make do to keep costs down, turned him into a music producer skilled in all the various stages of musical production from composition, writing lyrics, arrangements and orchestration to mixing and mastering.


Work in progress:

26 November 2021, the song "Forever and ever with you" comes out

The first single of the pop-lyrics Luca Minnelli with Kerry Ellis and Brian May

is released.

Written by Stefano Panizzo, produced by M ° Diego Basso and Brian May.

Arranged by Stefano Panizzo, Diego Basso and Brian May


In 2019 he won 1st place in the film music competition

"The Indie Gathering International 2019" USA.

Also in 2019 he is ranked 2nd in the "The International Horror Hotel 2019"

USA film music competition.

In 2017 he received a special mention for the work presented in the

"The Indie Gathering International 2017” USA film music competition.

Although he lived between recording studios and musical production, he never neglected the live performance aspect of his profession, continuing to performing live as bass player and singer and collaborating with artists at concerts, festivals and events including Maria Dal Rovere, Alessandro Safina, Alina Yarovaya, Luca Minnelli, Manuela Panizzo, Paolo Prizzon, Daniele Labelli, Paolo Vianello, Luca Tedesco Campaner, Stefy Evita to mention a few.


In 1989 he toured Italy as bass player for the established fusion guitarist Gianluca Mosole, with whom he will also be televised in the historic Renzo Arbore "International Doc Club", a show broadcast on the italian national television channel Rai2.

In 2000 he began a long collaboration with Dj Andrea T Mendoza creating a long list of productions and remixes in various styles House Dance, Pop & Lounge, also collaborating with Dj Producers such as Mauro Ferrucci, Tommy Vee, Frankie Tamburo, Stefano Gambarelli (Gambafreaks), Stefano Mattara, Alfred Azzetto and many others.


In 2002 he collaborated as songwriter and featured lead singer in the following singles by Dj Ross (Rossano Prini), produces together with the producer Paolo Sandrini, huge successes in South America and published by Time Records:

Dreamland - Dj Ross (Time Records 2002) (Author and performer)

Emotion - Dj Ross (Time Records 2002) (Author and performer)

Similar - Dj Ross (Time Records 2003) (Author and performer)

Floating in love - Dj Ross (Time Records 2004) (Author and performer)


In 2008 always paired with Andrea T Mendoza he produced the single “Erase/Rewind" by Sabrina Salerno and also her whole album containing remixes of her great successes, all re-recorded by Sabrina Salerno.

In 2010 produced also the single "Call me" interpreted in a duet between

Sabrina Salerno and Samantha Fox.

In 2013, with the song "Il Verbivoro" he took part in the 56th edition of the Zecchino d'Oro, finishing in 5th place and winning the "Zecchino Social" award.

STEFANO PANIZZO - B & W - (Diablo Foto).
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